What is the Maruti Celerio tyre size?

Here's a list of models of Maruti Celerio and their tyre sizes.


Tyre size of Maruti Celerio Lxi is 155-80-r13 - click to view prices

Tyre size of Maruti Celerio Vxi is 165/70-r14 - click to view prices

Tyre size of Maruti Celerio Zxi is 165/70-r14 - click to view prices


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Detailed Maruti Celerio Tyre size information


Tyre Size

Tyre width in mm

Aspect ratio %


Wheel Diameter in inches

Tyre Side Wall in mm

155 80 R13






165 70 R14






165 70 R14







If you are a discerning tyre customer and want to know more about the Maruti Celerio tyre sizes ,here's a break down of  each of the values mentioned in the tyre size.

We will use the tyre size 175 60 R14 as an example.

-The 1st 3 digits refer to Tyre Width (TW), for example 175 is the width of the tyre in mm.The wider the tyre , the more the traction and friction with the road surface.This means better grip and handling , on one side , but more possibilities of punctures on the flip side.

-The next 2 digits are the Aspect Ratio, or Profile in this example 60.If you multiply this number as a percentage of the Tyre width mentioned above, you will get the result which is the height of the side wall of the tyre.60 % of 175 is We have done the calculation for you in the table below to make it easy for you to check this parameter.The more the height of the side wall.A low side wall implies that the tyre has been made with a rigid compound and it therefore provides better grip, and handling.However the disadvantages are that if you are going on an uneven road , the low tyres can experience loss of grips in ruts and the wheels can get damaged - that is an expensive replacement if you have high value alloy wheels.

Usually you should worry about this parameter of sidewall height only if you are driving a high performance car on smooth roads- in any case our advise is that you stick to what the car manufacturer has defined as a tyre size for your car.

-The alphabet R suggests that it is a tyre manufactured with Radial technology.The radial technology was introduced by Michelin in its tyres in 1948 , even though the first patent on radial tyres was filed in 1915.

Radial tyres are more durable and fuel eficient , and most car tyres sold in India and across the developed countries in the world have a radial construction.

-The last 2 digits are the wheel rim size in inches- You cannot fit a tyre of 15 inches on a 16 inch wheel or rim , or vice a versa- so be careful when you are buying a tyre on this factor.

This completes all the theory you need to know about the tyres size.

Besides this , there are other markings about

-Tyre brands , manufacturer's name like Apollo , Bridgestone, CEAT, Yokohama etc.

-Country of manufacture,

-Symbol of Bureau of Indian standards or BIS as it is commonly known( Tyres sold in India need to be as per the standards of the BIS)

-Tyre speed rating which gives you an idea of what speeds the tyre can be taken upto

-Tyre load bearing capacity etc.

We hope that we have been able to give you ample information about the tyre size of Maruti Celerio.

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