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Why does Bangalore have so many traffic jams ?

Why does Bangalore have so many traffic jams ?

Bangalore is spread over 709 square kilometres and it comprises of Bangalore urban and Bengaluru rural districts.

The Bangalore city that we all know of is located in the urban area.

Bangalore has 5 taluks , a taluk is a subdivision of a district , and it was a system of marking territory for taxation purposes and for registration of property title for landowners.

Bangalore North,Kengeri in the south,Krishnarajapura in the east ,Yelahanka and Anekal.

The Electronics city which houses many famous names in Indian industry is located in Anekal taluka.

The reasons for Bangalore facing hugely infamous traffic jams are :

1.Population :In the early 1900s the population of Bangalore was less than half a million , but today it stands at near 10 million – a surge of 20 times from where it was. Bangalore is the 3rd most populated city in India. A large population obviously leads to an increase in the fight for resources – even at the lowest level , which means pedestrians fighting for space with 2 wheelers ,cars and trucks etc.

The compounding effect of population and economic growth in Bangalore on its traffic :

This situation of traffic was not so bad till a few decades ago – the boon of the services economy with the IT industry establishing massive workforces in Bangalore has lead to a purchasing power which has translated into more cars on the roads – one third of the work force in the IT industry in India lives, works and drives in Bangalore.


2.Traffic accidents: You must have noticed how we have a tendency to stop and look and pass slowly any traffic accident on the roads , which leads to huge traffic jams all around the area where the incident has taken place. Even people on connecting roads get effected , forming what is called a nightmarish grid lick.

Bangalore has the dubious distinction of being the city where most 15 % of all road accidents in India occur.

3.Too many cars too little road space.

One of the biggest reasons for the traffic jams is the road density in Bangalore , it is at 8 km per one square km, if you compare the same statistic for Delhi , there are 21 km of roads per square km in Delhi.

Obviously , therefore there is more road surface for drivers in Delhi.The number of cars in each kilometer of road space is 149 in Bangalore but just around 100 in Delhi.

You do the maths – if a car at an average has a length of 4 meters and the roads generally have 2 lanes how does a driver avoid a traffic jam?

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