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Tyre Innovation has evolved over the years with amazing concepts and ideas coming our way. Our tyres affect everything from road safety to driving performance, and the development of new tyre technology will help to redefine the way we drive. The history of tyres has shown us the development of tyre pressure monitoring systems and other innovations that have helped to expand the usefulness of our tyres.

Here we take a look at some of the new innovations which are making a huge difference in the tyre industry and these concepts could be the future of tyres-

Electrical Tyres-

If one thing is for certain, it’s that Vereecken’s suggestion that electrical tyres are the future is undoubtedly true. The potential of smart and 3D tyres could completely overhaul the automotive industry. This technology will also make everyday driving much safer and convenient. In a practical sense, we’ll be able to restore tyres without having to pay an extortionate amount of money.More dramatically, we’ll be moving closer to building vehicles that are intelligent from the ground up. Good Year’s unique concept of these tyres will collect heat in multiple ways, primarily from the friction heat, but also the heat generated by tyre flex.

The most interesting thing about these tyres is that they can still collect heat while not moving! Small patches on the tyre’s thermo-piezoelectric layer can collect heat from the sun on a hot day.This concept tyre is called BH-03. Click to know more



Oxygen Tyres-

Sounds too good to be true right? Yet Goodyear claims that their latest new concept tyre ‘Oxygene’, unveiled sometime back, can use photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.“By contributing in this way to cleaner air generation, the tyre could help enhance quality of life and health for city-dwellers,” said at the time Chris Delaney, President of Goodyear Europe, Middle East and Africa. Equipped with living moss growing within its sidewall, this super eco-friendly tyre would also absorb moisture from the road and use the power generated from photosynthesis to power its artificial intelligence electronics. Here is the Link to the video-



Smart Tyres/Intelligent Tyres-
This is a brand new concept where the tyre is attached with sensors and cloud-based algorithms to communicate with Drivers/ Vehicle operators through an application. This gives out useful information about the tyre status like – temperature, tread wear, load and traction. This also provides a continuous stream of data sharing and ensures tyres remain in optimum condition, reducing downtime and maximising cost efficiency. Tyre performance and wear information provide a real-time signal for when a tyre needs service to extend its life, fuel economy and performance attributes. Click to know more about Smart Tyres
Visionary Concept Tyre by Michelin-

A wheel with no air, designed to last as long as the vehicle.Many of the materials they’re made from are derived from petrochemicals, at considerable cost to the environment. And as we can see from the tyre fragments on every motorway, those materials stick around in the environment long after their useful life is over.So Michelin wanted sustainability to be a vital strand in its concept tyre.Accordingly, the tyre is constructed from natural or recycled materials.The combination of materials means that the tyre will be far more recyclable, and fully biodegradable.

Michelin’s concept tyre would also make full use of 3D printing technology. This would bring motorists two massive advantages. Firstly, it’s a much more efficient system, because rather than needing a whole new tyre, only the lost material is replenished. Secondly, it means the tyre can be easily adapted to current driving conditions more easily

As we drive forward into the future, we can expect our vehicles to become even more integrated with digital l tech and the online world. This means not only the potential for smart cars, but smart tyres that are safer, last longer, and perform better. The technology for such innovations may not yet be fully established, but it’s also not too far down the road. For any big car fan, there’s never been a more exciting era for all things on four wheels.The auto industry today is in a state of rapid innovation. Sure, manufacturers have always been busy working on new vehicles and auto accessories. But the pace of production today is fast, as the fierce global competition between manufacturers means all in the auto industry know that launching a great new innovation could be massively profitable. Just as the tyre innovations we’ve detailed here are exciting, they are also a sign of things to come