Scooters are a popular form of commuting. Whether it is an individual earning daily wages or a company professional with a good salary, the scooter is the most preferred mode of transportation. As the car is still a luxury for many, people choose this vehicle to get to their place of work, run errands and more. However, this is not the only reason why scooters are so popular.

Apart from its easy reachability, it consumes lesser fuel and does not demand a lot of maintenance. It is lightweight and can easily be carried by a male or a female. However, one thing that is commonly noticed in scooters is that their tyres are small. Some new versions support big tyres, but the majority have small ones. 12- and 13-inch wheels are more common these days in a scooter. If you often wonder why companies use small tyres in an essential like a scooter, we have some answers for you.

  • Small tyres in a scooter assist in achieving additional space between the seat and the tyres and the extra space is used to mount the engine and transmission.
  • If the tyres are large, the space in between cannot be useful.
  • The compact space further gives under-seat storage space at the front for keeping your legs and goods and utmost comfort while driving.
  • Small wheels incredibly help in quick steering but be cautious of how you handle the scooter when at a higher speed because these wheels may not be able to handle a lot of acceleration.
  • You enjoy a much smoother ride with smaller wheels than big ones in a scooter.
  • Smaller wheels weigh less, and thus it requires less energy to cover inclines on the road.
  • Big tyres also pose another problem, and that is, they will make the scooter taller. Sitting on it or riding it will be much more difficult especially for women or senior citizen riders.
  • It is not just the weight of the vehicle that impacts the torque. When goods are placed in the under-seat storage area, and the rider sits, the weight increases, affecting the torque. Hence, the small tyres.

So, all in all, if we see why scooters have small tyres, it is to reduce the weight of the vehicle, increase the space requirement, and to offer great maneuverability in city traffic. Handling gets poor at higher speeds, and scooters are not for that, and as a result, we have smaller wheels that could also keep the acceleration in control.

It can be said with utmost confidence that scooters are designed keeping many vital factors in mind. How will it look, what speed it will run on, who will use it and much more are all considerable factors. A scooter is an essential utility vehicle, but with the right features and functions, it could be much more to everyday users.

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