Premium Tyres usually cost more money than a mid-range or an economy tyre but they boast well-known brand names which are accompanied by a long history in the tyre industry. Premium tyre manufacturers say their products give vehicles access to the latest technology, greatest performance and durability.Premium tyres manufacturers sell billions of tyres all over the world and high levels of competition between brands mean that tyre standard is constantly on the rise, as each manufacturer strives to have the safest and best-performing tyres. But by purchasing a premium tyre, you are also paying for the huge sums invested in tyre technology, engineering and safety testing that goes into making these tyres both hard-wearing and safe. Premium casings enable multiple retreading and the tyres incorporate the latest and most advanced technologies due to the investment made in research and development.

Top Reasons to prefer Premium Tyres compared to mid-range/ Economy tyres-

  • Access to Latest Technology
  • Premium Tyres are more Fuel Efficient and you can save money on Fuel
  • Best Performance
  • Safer and more Dependable
  • Better Handling
  • Premium Tyres are quieter- Less Noise
  • Tyres last longer and treads wear slowly
  • More Traction on the Road
  • Greater Durability


Premium Tyre Brands available in India-

Bridgestone Tyres

Continental Tyres

Good Year Tyres

Michelin Tyres

Pirelli Tyres

Yokohama Tyres






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