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How to Identify the age of your tyre?

Around 20% of the Vehicle Owners do not know how to find the age of their tyres or when to change them. Tyre age is important because the performance deteriorates as tyres age, which can cause road handling and safety issues.

Checking the Tyre Manufacturing date-The Manufacturing date is mentioned on the sidewall of all tyres.

Week and year of manufacture. In this case- 16th week in the year 2012.

Old tyres can be dangerous as the tread wears and loses air. If you haven’t checked your tyre recently, it would be best to check your tyre and see if they need replacing.

How long does a tyre last?

There is no set rule on this, with some manufacturers recommending you to replace tyres after 5 years, regardless of the tread. Others claim a tyre can have an 8-year lifespan but will need checking after 5 years. Heat, storage and daily usage can all affect the ageing pattern of your tyres.Tyre cracks may appear on the tyre’s surface, but they can also appear out of sight within the structure of the tyre. Eventually, the cracking can even cause the steel belts in the tread to separate from the rest of the tyre. Driving on such a tyre is a serious safety risk. Check if your tyre is bald and needs replacement.

How old should my tyres be?

After personal regular inspections, you have all your tyres, including spares, inspected regularly by a qualified expert at least once a year once they reach five years of age. Specialists, such as tyre dealers.experts, will let you know whether or not your tyres are safe to continue using.

Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s tyre replacement recommendations, when specified (but not to exceed 10 years). As well as this, we strongly encourage you to be aware not only of your tyres’ visual condition and inflation pressure but also of any change in dynamic performance such as increased air loss, performance, noise or vibration.

Replacing your Tyres

Tyres that show signs of ageing can be dangerous, so it makes sense to replace them, however good the tread. Always check the production code on new tyres, to ensure they haven’t been stored for some time and never buy used tyres.

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