As the name suggests, these tyres enable Ultra High Performance cars to deliver performance through high acceleration and a capability to be driven at high speeds.

These tyres are made with a softer compound and expensive raw materials for a better control at high speed. ​ The three points where a High Performance tyre is better than standard tyres are:

  • Designed for high speeds
  • Great braking
  • Great grip and handling

The flip side to these High Performance tyres is

  • They have a shorter life
  • The load bearing capacity is relatively lower than standard tyres

What is the difference between Ultra High performance tyres, High Performance tyres and regular tyres ?

Speed ratings of tyres is one indicator that makes this differences easy to understand.

  • UHP Ultra High Performance UHP tyres : Speed ratings of W (270 kmph) and Y (300 kmph ). ​
  • HP High Performance tyres : Speed ratings of U (200 kmph) ,H( 210 kmph) and V (240 kmph).
  • Standard tyres : Speed ratings from C ( 60 kmph ) onwards till T ( 190 kmph ) are the ones that can be classified as standard for passenger vehicles.
  • That leaves you with tyres that come with the low speed ratings for example A1 (5 kmph ) to A8 (40 kmph) , these are manufactured for a particular purpose, for example agricultural , mining or for movement of heavy equipment,

Tyresnmore cautions you to drive within government mandated speed limits for your own safety and for the safety of others on the road.