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Price of tyres for all models of Bajaj M80 moped

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Bajaj M80 tyre price list

List of tyre Price
(Updated on 23-May-2022)

About Bajaj M80

Bajaj M80

The Bajaj M80 was one of the best-selling two-wheelers in the automaker’s history in India. Once upon a time, it was considered the poster boy of Bajaj and this moped became an instant hit, especially in rural India where 2-wheeler at that time considered as a godsend.

The Bajaj M80 came with the 75cc 2-stroke motor that offered 4.7PS and 5.39Nm torque with 3-speed transmission. The moped sat on hydraulic shock absorbers and leading link at the front and variable rate coil spring at the back.

Bajaj M80 Tyres

The bike was instantly recognized with its 2.50 x17 spoke wheels. The tyres were crafted to offer respectable performance in cities and rural regions, with an adequate level of dry and wet traction.