Off road tyre guide by Tyresnmore

If you have reached this page, we know that you are passionate and enthusiastic about off roading – you have personality traits that make you playful and adventurous.
You are a risk taker who is not looking for speed thrills , but you like pushing your limits of where you can reach with perseverance.

The 4 Ps of Off roading

  • Practice – Any off roader will tell you that you will may or may not get it right the first time, but with practice you will keep on achieving more.
  • Precaution – There is a reason why we have roads, they are built to eliminate hazardous terrains.When you are off the road there is a need to manage risk and reward , be aware and cautious.
  • Pivot – There is no right way , when you are off the road, have an open mind and change your course , or method, you will reach your destination LATE , enjoy the ride.
  • Prayer – It helps – A few experienced off roaders will tell you this too! The tyre you buy should suit the terrain you need to drive on. Here are three types of of tyres that will suit an off road terrain.

​Off road tyres that are popular in India are classified as All terrain tyres and are marked as AT tyres.​
These suit all terrains for off roading. These are definitely reinforced for impact and are robust in their build for durability.

Offroad Tyres for highway terrains (HT tyres)

Use Highway Terrain they are marked as HT tyres on the highway and in places that may not have high quality proper roads.These tyres come with a strong side wall and are reinforced to withstand shocks and hard, sharp objects.

Offroad Tyres for muddy terrains ( MT tyres )

Use Mud Terrain they are marked as MT tyres on this terrain. : These tyres work better in mud and slush because these have a tread which cleans up faster and are designed to keep the water out of the grooves on the tyre tread.​

Tyresnmore cautions you to drive within government mandated speed limits for your own safety and for the safety of others, please do not attempt to drive in hazardous conditions.