The journey from good to GREAT!

You’ve got a great car, but a lot of other people have the same car too !

PREMIUM ALLOY WHEELS transform a good car into a great car.

What are alloy wheels?

  • When metals are fused together through a process of heat – a mixture of metals is produced and that is called an alloy.
  • Wheels that are made of such a mixture of metals are called ALLOY WHEELS.
  • A typical alloy wheel will contain Silica, Magnesium, Titanium, Rhenium, Strontium, Zirconium to the extent of approximately 10% to 12%.The rest is Aluminium.

Performance Alloy wheels

Aluminium is lighter than iron and steel used for manufacturing the traditional wheels, so the performance of the car is impacted positively.

Beautiful alloy wheels

An alloy wheel has the properties which make it feasible that these can be moulded into attractive designs and colours, and they do not corrode as easily as traditional wheels do.

Anti corrosion alloy wheels

The presence of iron is kept as low as feasible to reduce rust and corrosion.

MAG wheels

Some alloy wheels contain a larger percentage of Magnesium, and that’s where the name MAG WHEELS started.

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