Audi A4 tyre price

Audi A4 tyre size is 225/50 R17

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Which is the Best tyre for Audi A4 ?

Best tyre for Audi A4


Pirelli Cinturato P7 - High speed rating
Yokohama AE 50 - Value for Money



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Audi A4 tyre information

What is the Audi A4 tyre price?


Audi A4 tyre price list-updates on 17th August 2020 Price Rs.
Yokohama Rs.12,500 to Rs.13,900
Pirelli Rs.17,300 to Rs.19,800
Goodyear Rs.12,800 to Rs.14,400




What is the Audi A4 tyre size?

Tyre size of Audi A4 is 225/50 R17



What is the Audi A4 tyre air pressure?

Audi A4 tyres can be filled in the range of 31 to 32 Psi air pressure.

Please check your owner manual or manufacturers' catalogue, brochure for exact information and follow that.

Psi is the unit for measurement of air pressure it means Pounds per square inch.

Dependent on the weather , you may decrease air pressure when it is peak summers and increase tyre pressure during peak winters - just one or two Psi units. When there is extremely warm weathers the air expands and in extremely cold weather air does not expand so much,so adjusting air pressure in Audi A4 may help.

In case the Audi A4 is wobbling when you are driving or moving in one direction when you press the brakes , then the air pressure in your tyres may be the reason.