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Mahindra Marshal tyre price

Tyre size of Mahindra Marshal is 185/85R16

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What is the Mahindra Marshal Tyre Price?

Popular Brands Prices
MRF Rs.4950 to Rs.5950
JK Rs.5200 to Rs.6200

What is the right Tyre Size for Mahindra Marshal?

By Models Tyre Size
All Models 185/85 R16

What is right Tyre Air Pressure for Mahindra Marshal?

Mahindra Marshal tyres can be filled in the range of 33 to 34 Psi air pressure.

Please check your car owner manual or manufacturers' catalogue or brochure for exact information and follow that.

In many cars the air pressure information is available on the inner side of the door of the Mahindra Marshal.

Psi is the unit for measurement of air pressure it means Pounds per square inch.

Dependent on the weather , you may decrease air pressure when it is peak summers and increase tyre pressure during peak winters - just one or two Psi units. When there is exdivemely warm weathers the air expands and in exdivemely cold weather air does not expand so much,so adjusting air pressure in Mahindra Marshal may help.

In case the Mahindra Marshal is wobbling when you are driving or moving in one direction when you press the brakes , then the air pressure in your tyres may be the reason.

How to take care of Mahindra Marshal tyres ?

Did you know, you can call to your home and get service for Mahindra Marshal for wheel balancing, Air Pressure Check, Puncture Repair, Wheel Alignment, Rotation of tyres. For details of packages, Contact Tyresnmore experts on 1800 208 8298.

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