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Skoda Rapid tyre price

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5 Years Warranty
Apollo 185/60 R15 84H ALNAC 4G TL
5 Years Warranty
Apollo Alnac 4G 195/55 R16 87V Tubeless
5 Years Warranty
5 Years Warranty
Bridgestone 185/60R15 084T EP150 TL
5 Years Warranty
Bridgestone 195/55 R16 B250 Tubeless
5 Years Warranty
Ceat 185/60R15 SECURADRIVE TL 84H
5 Years Warranty
5 Years Warranty
Continental 185/60R15 ContiComfortContact CC5 84H TL
5 Years Warranty
Continental 195/55R16 ContiMaxContact MC5 87V FTL

Tyre Selector(24 Tyres)

View as Grid List

Tyres Found 1-9 of 24

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Which is the best tyre for Skoda Rapid ?
There are 3 parameters from which you need to evaluate tyres for your Skoda Rapid : 1.Long Life - The longer the tyre life the more the savings.Consider this example : If you own a car for 1,50,000 km , and you change the tyres after every 75,000 km , you need to change the tyres only once during the lifespan of the car.Alternatively if you need to change the tyres afer every 35,000 km , you are lookin at 3 sets of new tyres.The tyres which are being marketed as tyres with longlife are the CEAT MILAZE, APOLLO AMAZER 4G LIFE 2. Grip and handling : The following tyres are being marketed by tyre manufacturers for their superior grip and handling :CEAT SECURADRIVE, APOLLO ALNAC, BRIDGESTONE TURANZA, YOKOHAMA ADVAN 3. Fuel Saving : Tyres which have a low rolling resistance between the tyre surface and the road surface can move for longer distances with the same quantity of fuel in comparison to other tyres.Some drivers claim that the fuel efficiency increased in their cars from 5% to 7 % when they used these tyres.The tyres which are being sold with low rolling resistance are : CEAT FUELSMARRT, YOKOHAMA BLUEARTH ,Michelin Energy XM2 and BRIDGESTONE ECOPIA.
Which is the cheapest tyre for Skoda Rapid ?
The cheapest tyre may not be the cheapest tyre over a period of time, you should look at fuel savings from tyres with a low rolling resistance , and also look at how many kilometers a tyre will run for. From a fuel saving perspective , the CEAT FUELSMARRT, YOKOHAMA BLUEARTH ,Michelin Energy XM2 and BRIDGESTONE ECOPIA.are recommended.For a long tyre life you can go for the CEAT MILAZE, APOLLO AMAZER 4G LIFE. Surely if a tyre runs for an extra mile , you save money on tyres over the lifecycle of your Skoda Rapid

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Skoda Rapid tyre information

What is the Skoda Rapid Tyre Price?

Popular Brands Prices
Apollo Rs.5,400 to Rs.6,900
Bridgestone Rs.5,450 to Rs.5,900
CEAT Rs.4,750 to Rs.6,200
Goodyear Rs.4,500 to Rs.6,750
JK Rs.4,300 to Rs.4,800
Yokohama Rs.4,900 to Rs.6,750

What is the right Tyre Size for Skoda Rapid?

By Models Tyre Size
Swift Lxi 165-80 R14
Swift Vdi 165-80 R14
Swift Vxi 165-80 R14
Swift Zdi 185-65 R15

What is right Tyre Air Pressure for Skoda Rapid?

Skoda Rapid tyres can be filled in the range of 33 to 34 Psi air pressure.

Please check your car owner manual or manufacturers' catalogue or brochure for exact information and follow that.

In many cars the air pressure information is available on the inner side of the door of the Skoda Rapid.

Psi is the unit for measurement of air pressure it means Pounds per square inch.

Dependent on the weather , you may decrease air pressure when it is peak summers and increase tyre pressure during peak winters - just one or two Psi units. When there is exdivemely warm weathers the air expands and in exdivemely cold weather air does not expand so much,so adjusting air pressure in Skoda Rapid may help.

In case the Skoda Rapid is wobbling when you are driving or moving in one direction when you press the brakes , then the air pressure in your tyres may be the reason.

How to take care of Skoda Rapid tyres ?

Did you know, you can call to your home and get service for Skoda Rapid for wheel balancing, Air Pressure Check, Puncture Repair, Wheel Alignment, Rotation of tyres. For details of packages, Contact Tyresnmore experts on 1800 208 8298.

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