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CEAT tyres has an Research and Development center at their manufacturing plant , where there is a team continuously persevering to bring the benefits of innovation in creating better tyres.

Endurance and mileage tests are done for making sure the customer gets value for money from the tyres.

More importantly grip tests for how the tyres react to wet surfaces, dry surfaces and hilly areas are done to enhance the handling and safety features of CEAT tyres.


The CEAT WARRANTY : CEAT tyres provides a warranty of upto 6 years in case of certain tyres , which covers some aspects even beyond manufacturing defects in tyres- A symbol of how much the tyre manufacturer trusts their own product.


CEAT bike tyres list

CEAT tubeless tyres

  • CEAT Milaze

  • CEAT Zoom

  • CEAT Gripp

  • CEAT Secura Zoom



CEAT bike tyre price and CEAT tyres price for two wheelers is available on tyresnmore.com.

You simply need to select your two wheeler brand and the model in the search panel – click here. In case you are looking for CEAT Activa tyre price then in the search panel you choose Honda , then Activa , then the sub model , for example Honda Activa 3G.


You can buy CEAT tyres online here and Tyresnmore has a tyre van and tyre experts who will come to your home or office doorstep and change the old tyres to new tyres.


If you are looking for CEAT tyres price list for cars – click here , then in the filter on top of this page , choose your car tyre model and you will see the CEAT car tyres with prices and images.


If you want to buy CEAT tyres you can call our customer care number 92-1275-1275, our tyre experts will be glad to help.
Looking for CEAT tyre shop near me? The tyresnmore van is the CEAT tyre shop near you - 0.1 KM - Get CEAT tyres fitted at home in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, NOIDA and Gurgaon - we have vans and a team of tyre experts who will reach your doorstep and fit the tyres.

For other major cities we can provide home delivery of tyres through courier.