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195 55 r15 Tyre Price

195/55 R15 tyre price

GET 195/55 R15 TYRES FITTED AT HOME in Bangalore,Hyderabad,Delhi,Gurgaon,Noida,Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Pune, Mumbai

Brands Available: CEAT, Goodyear, Yokohama, Bridgestone,MRF,Apollo To buy online Check price, specifications and tyre images of 195/55 R15 tyre below

The price of Tyres available for your 195 55 r15 ranges from ₹5,799.00 to ₹7,449.00. Get 195 55 r15 Tyres Changed At Home - CONVENIENCE at your DOORSTEP.

195 55 r15 Tyres price list

List of 195 55 r15 Tyres Price (Updated on 30-Mar-2023)
JK 195/55 R15 UX1 85V TUBELESS CAR TYRE₹5,799.00
VREDESTEIN 195/55 R15 Ultrac 85H TL₹6,099.00
YOKOHAMA 195/55 R15 AS01 85V TUBELESS CAR TYRE₹6,790.00
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5 Years Warranty
Sku: YK1955515DSTL
(Inclusive of all taxes)
EMI Starting from ₹324
FREE! FREE! FREE! Get 1 Tyre Valve worth Rs. 125 & Wheel Balancing worth Rs. 100 FREE with every tyre!

  • Excellent Dry & Wet Grip

  • Excellent braking

  • Long life
5 Years Warranty
Sku: JK1955515UUTL
(Inclusive of all taxes)
EMI Starting from ₹277
FREE! FREE! FREE! Get 1 Tyre Valve worth Rs. 125 & Wheel Balancing worth Rs. 100 FREE with every tyre!

  • Smooth ride

  • Low noise

  • Excellent braking
5 Years Warranty
Sku: CO1955515UCTL
(Inclusive of all taxes)
EMI Starting from ₹356
FREE! FREE! FREE! Get 1 Tyre Valve worth Rs. 125 & Wheel Balancing worth Rs. 100 FREE with every tyre!

  • Low noise

  • Excellent braking

  • Highly stable
5 Years Warranty
VREDESTEIN 195/55 R15 Ultrac 85H TL
Sku: VR1955515ULTL
(Inclusive of all taxes)
EMI Starting from ₹291
FREE! FREE! FREE! Get 1 Tyre Valve worth Rs. 125 & Wheel Balancing worth Rs. 100 FREE with every tyre!

  • Smooth ride

  • Excellent Dry & Wet Grip

  • Long life
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4 Tyres Found

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When should I change my car tyres ?
A Tyre is the most important component of your vehicle. The driving comfort, cushioning, safety, ride and handling dynamics all depend upon the tyre quality. However, it still tends to be the most overlooked component of your vehicle. 
Here is How you can figure out that it is indeed time to change your Tyre 
  1. Time Based - A tyre needs to be typically replaced every 5 to 6 years, even if the tread is not worn out. This is done for the safety of the vehicle.
  2. Condition Based - In case your tyres have got any nicks, cuts, damage, uneven wearing out or bumps, you must change them.
  3. Tread wear  - Tyres come with tread wear indicators. You must look for a triangular arrowhead on the sidewall. You will find rubber bridges between treads parallel to the marker. If your tyre tread has worn out up to or below indicator tyres should be changed.
  4. Punctures & Braking  If there are frequent punctures and/ or if you feel that the stopping distance of the vehicle has increased post breaking, then this is an indication to get your tyre inspected and changed 
What is the size of the tyre for my car?

 Go to the search panel above and input your car or bike,scooter brand and model.You will get a list of models to choose from , click on your model and you will reach the page with details of tyre sizes that fit in your vehicle model.


Which is the best tyre for my car or motorcycle?

All tyres sold in India are as per standards of the BIS-Bureau of Indian Standards. This ensures that a baseline of quality standards is always maintained as per which tyre manufacturers must produce tyres.

Customers view tyres from the following perspectives - 

  • Price – The Cheaper the better, isn’t it? Well, if it were that simple. Even if a tyre is cheaper than its peers, but it runs for let us say a few thousand kilometers lesser, it turns out to be more expensive in the end as you would need to change it sooner, hence price alone cannot be a deciding factor. 
  • Safety - Tyres which are made from softer compounds will have a shorter braking distance, better handling and grip, relative to tyres made from harder compound mixes. Harder compound mixes tend to increase the life of the tyres- more running in kilometers and hence the trade-off.
  • High Mileage - Tyres like CEAT Tyre’s MILAZEX3, Apollo Amazer 4G Life and Goodyear Duraplus are known for their long tyre life. In fact, CEAT’s MILAZEX3 has even crossed the 1 lac km mark under test conditions
  • Driving Comfort - Then you have CEAT SECURADRIVE and Apollo's Alnac 4G and Aspire, Michelin Primacy and Prelli's P zero which are focussed on driving comfort and handling.
  • Fuel Efficiency CEAT Tyres has launched the FUELSMARRT range of tyres which have low rolling resistance, this means that these tyres move for a longer distance when applied the same force with relatively lesser friction from the surface relative to other tyres. Thereby giving you a higher Kilometer per litre and savings in the form of fuel efficiency

You may go to the search panel above and input your car brand and model, you will get a list of models to choose from, click on your car model and you will reach the page with details & features of best tyres for your car.

To help you decide on the best tyre for your car or motorcycle, Kindly reach out to our Doorstep fitment Experts on 92.1275.1275

How to take care of car tyres?

If you take good care of your tyres, they will reciprocate in the form of continued safety and performance until the day they need to be replaced. You can look after your tyres with some very simple tyre maintenance:

  1. Tyre pressure - Keep your tyres inflated at levels recommended by the car or bike manufacturer. 
  2. Tyre Tread – You must periodically check if the tyres tread is above the tread wear indicator triangle, it can give you a fair indication of how long the tyres will last before being replaced 
  3. Wheel Alignment & Balancing - Get wheel alignment and balancing at least once a year or at every 5,000 kilometres, whichever is earlier.
  4. Maintain good driving habits - Drive carefully, so that you use your brakes only when required and avoid sudden braking as much as possible.
  5. Overloading your car – Ensure that you don’t overload your vehicle beyond the Manufacturer specified Threshold 
  6. Rotate your tyres – This means periodically changing the position of each of the tyres on your vehicle. You should rotate your tires as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, or every 10,000 Kms. For many of you, that will mean when you get your vehicle’s oil changed.


Which is the cheapest tyre for my car?

You will get a list of models to choose from , click on your car model and you will reach the page which features the cheapest  tyre for your car.

Can I get tyres fitted at home? gives doorstep fitment Bangalore , Delhi, Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon and Hyderabad. 

For all other cities we will ship the tyres to your address through FEDEX or another reliable courier.

When will my order for tyres reach my location?
Well Congratulations on booking a world-class Doorstep fitment experience with TyresNmore.
We have State of the art Tyre and Battery changing equipment in our TyresNmore Doorstep fitment Vans. We currently provide doorstep fitment services at Hyderabad , Secundrabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Mumbai, Thane, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Gurugram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida and Delhi.
Orders placed before 3 PM will be fulfilled the same day* and Orders placed after 3 PM will be fulfilled the next working day*
*The order fulfillment is subject to availability of the products in our warehouse. Our team will call you to fix an appointment for changing tyres at your location. For cities other than those mentioned above, our  experts will inform you about the time of Home delivery ( Fitment is not included here) and additional shipping charges if any.
How long does it take to change tyres?

Once our team reaches your location we need parking space for our van next to your vehicle , we have the equipment to change 1 tyre in 20 to 30 minutes and up to 4 tyres in 30 to 60 minutes

What are the Payment options , can I pay on delivery or through EMIs for tyres?

You can pay for the products as per your convenience

  1. Pay on delivery/ Fitment* via Cash, Credit card, Debit card, Internet Banking or UPI
  2. Pay 100 % online now via Cash, Credit card, Debit card, Internet Banking or UPI 
  3. Easy EMI available – check for exciting EMI offers available on your debit or credit card and avail them on your tyre purchase 

*TYRESNmore reserves the right to ask for partial or full advance payment for any orders. Payment methods mentioned above subject to change without prior notice.

Will the tyre experts come to my location with debit/credit card machine , in case I am paying on delivery?

Yes the tyre experts will come with debit/credit card machine to your location to enable you to make payment,alternatively you can also pay via cash on delivery or through mobile wallets like PAYTM , Google pay and others. Tyresnmore online private ltd. reserves the right to receive partial or full advance payment for any orders.

How do I get my tyre manufacturer warranty registered?

You can speak to our tyre expert on 92.1275.1275 , and they will guide you to get the tyre manufacturer's warranty registered.

Tyre shop near me ?

Tyre Shop Near Me


Now you don’t need to search or visit a Tyre shop. TYRESNmore brings the Tyre shop to your doorstep has mobile vans and a team of tyre experts who will reach your home , office and fit new tyres and Batteries.


 The TyresNmore van is equipped with all the equipment necessary to change tyres and Batteries, inflate tyres, wheel alignment (toe only) , Wheel balancing , tyre weights , tyre puncture repair. So we literally bring the entire tyre shop to your doorstep with Zero Contact tyre fitment in the below locations:


  1. Tyre shop near me in Bangalore - visit us at the address : 19/1 , 1st and 2nd floor, ST. John's Road , Near Commercial Street , Bangalore
  2. If you're looking for a Tyre shop near me in Delhi , Gurgaon, Noida , Faridabad , Ghaziabad - visit us at the address : S-40, First Floor, Janta Market, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.
  3. Tyre shop near me in Hyderabad - visit us at the address :Ground Floor, Plot No. 30, Uma Nagar, Old Airport Road, Bowenpally, Secunderabad,, Hyderabad.Click here for directions on google maps for Tyre shop in Hyderabad
  4. Tyre Shop near me in Mumbai -  visit us at the address :Godown No 004, the Veena Industrial Co Op Soc, LBS Marg, Vikhroli West,Mumbai, Mumbai City, Maharashtra, 400083. Click here for directions on google maps for tyre shop in Mumbai.
  5. Tyre Shop near me in Pune : 1st Floor, Sno 54, Pragati Gardan, Keshav Nagar Rd, Mundhawa, Pune, Maharashtra- 411036.Click here for directions on google maps for tyre shop in Pune.
  6. Tyre shop near me in Chennai : Plot number 6, G1, V.O.C St, Jayaram Nagar, Ayappa Nagar, Ayappakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600077.Click here for directions on google maps for tyre shop in Chennai.

Feel free to reach out to us on 9212751275 for any query related to Tyres or Batteries. 

You may also click this link for further details  - Our Locations

Which tyres have a long life ?

Some tyre brands have made the effort to manufacture tyres specifically with a longer tyre life being the unique selling point or USP , these are listed below.

List of tyres with long life and high mileage, tyres that run more kilometers.



  • Goodyear Assurance Duraplus

The warranty offered on these 3 tyres by the tyre manufacturers is relatively better and for a longer time than other tyres in the market – this is a proof of the fact that the manufacturer is backing the quality of the tyre with solid financial support.

These tyres come in sizes which can be fitted on certain models of Maruti ALTO , Maruti Swift , Hyundai i 10, Hyundai Santro , Hyundai i20 and Swift Dzire amongst others.

Your driving style also matters , do not drive at speeds above the limits set by the government , anticipate traffic and red lights to avoid excesive and or sudden braking – this helps in increasing the tyre life.

Get wheel balancing and wheel alignment done regularly.

This can be done after every 5,000 km , or in cases when you have gone through any abnormal bumps where the car has been impacted.

You can check your tyres for abnormal , non uniform wear and tear – this would mean that your tyres need alignment or balancing.

Keep the tyres inflated as per the car manufacturers' specifications – an over inflated tyre can burst and an under inflated tyre can be relatively more prone to punctures , so either side is not good.

Individual drivers' experience may vary according to road conditions and driving style and Tyresnmore online pvt. ltd. and its management is not responsible for any claims of any type by viewers of the information provided.

Which tyres have a better grip and handling?

Grip and Handling are direct outcomes of Braking distance, tyre performance on wet surfaces, hilly areas and are tested by most tyre manufacturers.

  • CEAT has a CEAT Center for excellence with an R & D facility and testing grounds
  • Bridgestone has a state-of-the-art testing ground in Thailand.
  • Apollo tyres and JK's HASETRI does a lot of R & D and testing at their research centers.

List of tyres for better grip and handling:

  • Goodyear Efficient grip tyres for cars and SUVs
  • Apollo Alnac 4G
  • Pirelli P Zero

Important: A lot depends on your driving style, if you have a tendency to drive at high speeds above the limits set by the government, then you are putting your and other peoples' lives at risk. Drive safe and observe road safety rules according to government authorities.

What are run flat tyres ?


Information about run flat tyres 

In a real life situation when a tyre comes in contact with a sharp object like a nail or a screw a puncture occurs and the capacity of the tyre to hold air within gets compromised.

This obviously creates a situation which is dangerous not only for the driver and the car passengers but also for other people on the road , because the ability of the car driver to control the car is hugely compromised.

RUN FLAT TYRES are made with a special materials and design structure that the car can be driven for a specified distance within a specified speed limit even despite such a loss of air pressure without compromising on the ability of the driver to control of the car , and thus avoid car accidents.

Most run flat tyres can be driven for 70 to 80 kilometers at a speed of 50 to 70 kmph after loss of air pressure , and this in most cases is sufficient to reach a point where the tyre can be repaired , serviced or replaced as the need may be.


A run flat tyre needs to be accompanied by a Tyre pressure monitoring system TPMS , other wise how will a driver know that there is a loss of air pressure occuring in the tyres?


A lot of cars being sold are equipped with the TPMs system as standard equipment , and consequently a lot of cars are also originally equipped ( OE equipped) with run flat tyres when they are first sold by car manufacturers.

Safety of people on roads is of prime importance and such advances in technology may some day become standard equipment in most cars.


What is the cost of run flat tyre ?

The cost of run flat tyres is higher compared to the normal tyres , and in some cases run flat tyres can cost twice as much as a normal tyre.

How do run flat tyres work?

There are two types of run flat tyres.

  1. Run flat tyres with a strong and reinforced side wall that supports the load of the car even despite loss of air pressure.

  2. Run flat tyres with a casing belt below the part of the wheel which faces the road surface , which takes the load of the car in case of loss of air pressure.

Remember , you cannot continue to drive for an unlimited distance after a loss of air pressure , even though you have run flat tyres.

How to use Run flat tyres?

Please follow the instructions of use and stay within limits prescribed by the tyre manufacturer of run flat tyres.

Please call our tyresnmore tyre expert on 92.1275.1275 in case you want to check the availability of run flat tyres for your car.

What is tyre tread depth and how it affects braking distance and safe driving?

Tyre tread depth is an important factor that helps you to assess whether your tyres are safe or do you need to change them.

Tread wear indicator (TWI)  - Tyres come with tread wear indicators. You must look for a triangular arrowhead on the sidewall. You will find rubber bridges between treads parallel to the marker. If your tyre tread has worn out up to or below indicator tyres should be changed.

  1. A new car tyre comes with a tread of approximately 8mm to 9mm and the Tread wear indicators may allow you to drive it till 2mm of tread depth, however you should start looking to change the tyres once they reach a tread depth of 3mm to 4mm, because the tyres may wear out fast and you would not know when you cross this danger line.
  2. Also, once your tyres are worn out the braking distance that they could maintain goes down drastically. With new tyres you can probably stop your car from 60 kmph to 0 kmph in a braking distance of 40 feet – but with a tread depth of 3mm to 4mm this distance increases to more than 50 feet.
  3. The lower you go, say 2 mm, the braking distance becomes even more, and can go above 80 feet. So, your reaction time in circumstances of accidents or collision is much lower with worn out tyres.

Be careful about tyre tread depth, and you should check it all across the tyre at least every 5,000 km or 2 months, since your tyres may look fine from one portion while the other portion may be more worn out. Decreased tyre tread depth also makes the tyres more prone to punctures.

Where can I see customer reviews ?

Question: Is it safe to buy tyres online?

We don’t know about other online tyre sellers, but we are sure about – IT IS SAFE.

You can pay on delivery and get tyres fitted at your doorstep or simply get home delivery of tyres

Click to see TESTIMONIALS of verified purchasers of tyres from

Whats new in the world of tyres ?


Mahindra & Mahindra have launched the new THAR 2020 edition. CEAT tyres have been chosen as the preffered tyre by us for this new THAR SUV. The CEAT CZAR pattern known for its great off road capabilities and also a its strong grip on city roads is a tyre that suits the solid image of the THAR and its drivers.


22-06-2020 :

Did you know that the Yokohama tyre factory in Japan had been put out of operations twice , once due to an earthquake in 1923 and again during the 2nd world war and today they.

The resilience of people who work with Yokohama tyres strengthens our faith in the Yokohama brand of tyres- they rebuilt the plant both times and thereafter more than 10 manufacturing facilities, testing facilities and research & development centres were opened across the globe , including one in India.

The good news is that Tyresnmore has added YOKOHAMA tyres to our list of products in a big way. We now have YOKOHAMA car tyres and SUV tyres available at great prices on our website for Home delivery and or doorstep fitment.

Yokohama tyres is a Japanese brand which is known for the following tread designs

-Yokohama Geolandar for SUVs

-Yokohama Advan for cars

-Yokohama Earth for sedans and hatchback cars

The Japanese technology that backs Yokohama tyres is amongst the best in the tyre industry.

Please look out for Yokohama tyres in the product listings of your car or SUV.

Buy tyre online - Tips on how to buy tyres.


Why should you buy tyres online?

Tyresnmore brings to you the largest range of tyres in India - this is not possible for a tyre shop , they will only show you those tyres which are fast moving or offer the tyre shop a better deal.The best deal on tyres may not come your way.

Since you get to see the tyre prices online , alongwith features and specifications , you can  make an informed choice.

There are no hidden costs when you buy tyres online from - we provide a clear idea of extra costs and their benefits also.


Buying tyres online with TYRESNmore is safe, convenient and very easy.

Our State-of-the-Art Doorstep fitment Vans, reach you at the location and time of your choosing and provide a world-class fitment experience right at the comfort and safety of your home. 

 How to buy tyres online?

You can buy tyres online here in 3 simple steps:

Step 1 - Select your bike or car,model and variant.

Step 2 - Choose a tyre based on the price and other secifications

Step 3 - Provide us with your contact details

Our team of experts will reach your doorstep to fit tyres.


  • Tip # 1Let us assume that you do not order from, Hence what will you do with the tyres when they reach your home? Look for a website that provides Home delivery and has a mechanic and equipment to fit the tyres at your doorstep or become a He-man, pick these tyres up and lug them around to the nearest tyre fitter. Doesn’t sound very cool right – We Know
  • Tip # 2 – Can your neighbourhood tyre dealer show you the MRP on the Tyres? Well, you can check for prices on a website that sells a large range of world-class tyre brands – you deserve to get a good price and see all the possible brands available for your much-loved Car, Bike or Scooter.
  • Tip # 3Check if wheel balancing service and new air valves / nozzles are also available with the tyre. You deserve to get good service when you buy tyres online - Good price on tyres online -Good deal on tyres delivered and fitted at home with you get all of this and more!
  • A comparison of various methods to buy tyres: Tyresnmore Other websites Offline tyre shops
    Large range of tyres     Yes Yes No
    Good tyre prices     Yes Not always Not always
    Home delivery &Doorstep installation of tyres     Yes Not available Not available


Why Should you buy tyres online from is your one-stop shop for all your tyre needs. We cater to Car Tyres, SUV Tyres, Bike Tyres & Scooter Tyres Online. We are India’s Largest Doorstep fitment providers of Tyres & Batteries. You can purchase tyres online from us and our experienced Doorstep fitment experts will fit the tyres at the place and time of your choice. When you purchase tyres from us you can be assured of getting the best tyre price, hence we help you Buy tyres online at best price. Now there is no need for you to find the Tyre shop near me or you, As Tyresnmore brings the tyre shop to your doorstep. 

    The Customers can choose from the widest range of tyre brands as per their preference and be rest assured of Best Tyre Quality, Best Tyre price and Best Doorstep tyre fitment every time. We offer a wide range of tyres online from reputed brands like JK Tyre, Kelly Tyre, MRF tyre, Michelin tyre, Apollo Tyre, Birla Tyres, Bridgestone tyre, CEAT tyre, Continental tyre, Pirelli tyrs, TVS Tyres, Yokohoma Tyre, Goodyear tyre and much more.


 Our Doorstep tyre fitment service is available in Delhi – NCR, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune & Mumbai. We provide Home-Delivery for all the other cities of India. Reach us as 92.1275.1275