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Mahindra Duro All Models battery price list

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(Updated on 30-Nov-2021)
Amaron ABR-PR-APBTZ7R Pro 7Ah₹1,394.00
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25-48 Months Warranty
Amaron ABR-PR-APBTZ7R Pro 7Ah
(Inclusive of all taxes)
₹1,244.00 - Exchange with Old Battery
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    When will my order for battery reach my location?
    Orders placed before 3 PM will be fulfilled today* Orders placed after 3 PM will be fulfilled tomorrow *The order fulfillment on same day is subject to availability of batteries in our warehouse. For cities other than those mentioned above , our battery experts will inform you about the time of delivery and additional shipping charges if any.
    3 Reasons to maintain a car battery

    3 reasons - Why you need a good battery in your car, scooter ,bike?

    A battery performs the following 3 functions

    1.The battery provides the initial spark thru the spark plugs and without that the car will not start, so that’s one very good reason, right?

    2.All the electrical systems like the lights the air conditioner , the car music system, the car wiper blades, car mobile phone charger, car cabin lights, head lights - these are at some stage powered by the battery.So for starting a car or bike and then enjoying a comfortable journey your battery condition is very important.

    3.A battery is a storage unit for electric power – so yes it may be possible to start a car or scooter by cranking the engine or pushing it to start – but stored electric power keeps the trouble away of cranking up the car every time you switch off the engine – that helps !

    How to choose the right car battery

    3 things you need to consider when you are buying or replacing or changing a car battery are:

    1.Battery Size

    2.Battery Capacity

    3.Battery Terminal Layout Position

    What is the Battery Size for my car?

    Every car has a battery platform which has a size, dimension specification ( Length X Width x Height ) – so the battery you choose must fit stably onto this battery platform in terms of Length and width of the battery should match the length and the width of the battery holder platform in the car.

    You must not choose a battery larger or smaller than this space because it won’t fit and therefore fall out of the platform.This may lead to the car and the battery getting damaged – it may even cause an accident that can be dangerous for you and other people around you.

    What is the correct Car Battery Capacity in Ampere Hours or Ah?

    Battery capacity is measured in Ah or Ampere hours. The Car manufacturers provide you with the specification for Ampere Hours recommended for your car battery – you can see this on the label of the car battery in your car at present OR in your car’s user manual

    You should not buy a battery which is of lesser Ah capacity than what is recommended by the car manufacturer.

    What is the correct battery terminal position Left to right ( L to R) or Right to Left ( R to L) ?

    Battery terminals can be Left to Right or Right to left depending on your car model.It is mentioned in the battery holder case in your car.

    Left to right means that the positive (+ Plus) terminal is on the left side in the battery platform in your car  and Right to left layout means the positive (+ Plus) terminal is on the right side of the battery bay or platform in your car. If you place the battery wrongly the connector cables may not reach the battery terminals. If the cables are not connecting - Don’t pull the cables.

    What is the meaning of Ah Ampere hour in a battery?

    Ah or Ampere hour is the number of hours a battery can supply 1 Ampere (A) of electric current.What this means is that if an appliance consumes 1 Ampere electric current a 40 Ah battery can run it for 40 hours.

    How long does a 40 Ah battery run an appliance

    To calculate the time that a battery will power any appliance - you need to know 2 more values Watts (W) and Volts (V) , apart from Ampere ( A).The formula that we will apply is

    A= W/V

    Let’s use an example of a few appliances like a bulb of 60 W and a refrigerator of 380 W, totaling 440 W running at 220 V of electricity voltage. So A=440/220 = 2 Amperes. Theoretically a 40 Ah battery will run the bulb and the refrigerator for 40Ah/2 Amperes = 50 Hours.

    In real life conditions however you cannot drain a battery capacity completely so the time of battery utilization will be lower.The battery condition like its age and how well maintained the battery is – shall also impact the capacity of a battery.

    How to check if my car battery discharged?

    Most car batteries come with 6 cells , and each cell provides 2.1 volts , so 6 X 2.1 volts = 12.6 volts.

    By connecting the two ends of a Voltmeter on the positive and negative terminals of your car battery you will get the volt reading.

    The reading in your voltmeter for a fully charged battery is 12.6 volts


    Battery Charge Level Table Voltage reading
    Fully Vharged battery 12.6 Volts
    Partially Charged battery 12.40 to 12.6 Volts
    Discharged battery Equal to or Below 12.39 Volts


    WARNING! Does a car battery consume a lot of power to start?  

    A car which has 4 cylinders and an engine capacity of  1000cc to 2000 cc needs 250 to 500 amps to start in 2 to 3 seconds to start.

    This means that approximately 0.25 Ah to 0.5 Ah is consumed every time you start your car.


    If your car is not starting for any reason, and you continue trying to start it , a 40 Ah battery which consumes 0.4 Ampere to start will theoretically get discharged after you have attempted a 100 starts.

    In real conditions it does not work like this.A battery will not give you full peak capacity of 40 Ah, your battery may get fully discharged after less than 15 to 30 attempts depending on how well it is maintained and how old the battery is.

    So avoid excessive attempts to start the battery.

    Why does a battery get discharged?

    A battery gets discharged mainly for 2 reasons

    1.Battery discharge due to sulfonation

    If a car battery is left unused for a period of time on a low charge ( You can check the charge with a volt meter -A volt reading below 12.4 volts means the battery is in a discharged state) a process called sulfation occurs.

    Lead Sulfate crystals form on the battery plates in a situation of disuse of the battery and the bigger the crystals the harder they are to dissolve and get recharged.

    This in turn decreases the capacity of the battery to get charged and also to maintain its charge.

    2.Battery discharge due to car or bike alternator malfunction

    The alternator is the part of a car which is responsible for charging the battery , and if it is not working to its optimum capacity , the battery will not get charged to its full capacity.

    This can lead to reduction in battery performance.


    What can I do , How to maintain a battery?

    5 tips for Bike Car and Truck Battery Maintenance Tips

    1. Regularly inspect the battery for dirty terminals – any leak or corrosion is a sign that the battery is not working properly. Keeping the battery terminal clean can increase the life of the battery.
    2. Warm weather has a negative impact on the battery – as much as possible ,park your car or bike away from the sun.
    3. Leaving the lights or any other electrical appliance like Air conditioner or music system in your car even when the ignition is switched off is not correct. The battery will be consumed in some proportion if the appliance is not switched off.
    4. A securely placed battery is a safe battery. A loosely place battery can damage other car parts and even fall off the battery holder.Excessive vibration can result in damaging the battery.
    5. If the battery has plugs which can be opened for refilling the battery with distilled water then make sure they are properly plugged and closed at all times.
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