3 Reasons why it is recommended to buy new tyres in pairs


#1 Just like for your body – Balance is very important in your car too.

Symmetry in terms of weight, height, width and length is what provides you safety with high levels of performance in any vehicle.

Two tyres on the same axel with different tread depths will create an imbalance.


Look at your shoes!

Why you should replace 2 tyres is very similar to Why you replace shoes in pairs!

If you wear a new shoe with an old one, there will be a difference in the soles of the two shoes, because the old shoe is worn out compared to the new one - This will make your walk uneven, as if you are limping.

This a definite formula for a painful existence - it can lead to pain in the foot, back or hips too.


You should not create a similar situation in your car by having 2 tyres of different tread thickness on the same axel – it leads to stress on various car parts and may lead to costly damages.


#2 Your Car Safety Systems need accurate data to take care of you

Systems like Electronic Stability Control (ECS) & Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS) in your car depend on accuracy of wheel speed sensor measurement, to keep you safe.

 Two tyres with different tread depth on the same axel will have a different diameter – and the speed measured by the systems will be different for these two tyres.

A difference in tread depth may create a calculation error for how much power is to be given to each wheel OR how much braking effort is required from each wheel. An error like this will send wrong signals to the safety management systems in your car and this may lead to a dangerous situation.

My car does not have these systems

Even if your vehicle does not have these systems – if you slam the brakes in a critical moment – because the same braking power is applied on 2 tyres with different tread depth, the vehicle is likely to veer or skid in one direction, which may lead to accidents. 

#3 Save money in the long run

One new tyre with an old one on the same axel may result in faster and uneven wearing out of the new tyre. If this happens, replacing one tyre may result into a second premature change of the new tyre.

See point #1 – you save money on costly part replacement too, if other parts start wearing out due to an imbalance in your car.

We recommend that if the tread depth is worn out by more than 30% on any tyre, and you are thinking of buying only one tyre, please rethink. You should be replacing two tyres on the axel at the same time for

1.Your safety

2.Savings by avoiding uneven wear and tear of your vehicle

3.Performance of your car

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