What actually is an Alloy wheel?
While people are familiar with the concept of replacing their tyres because of wear and tear, people
are less familiar with replacing their rims. Rims, or wheels, are the objects that your tyre goes around,
and so are as important as your tyre to maintain.
Your car already comes with rims made of steel. These wheels are strong and durable; they can take
being bent out of shape, but are heavy and small. This is where alloy wheels come in.
‘Alloy’ wheels refers to a metal alloy wheels of aluminium or magnesium with other metals that
constitutes the wheel’s rim, the same metals used in aeroplanes. This leads to a strong yet light
framework for your tyres to go around.
Why should I get Alloy wheels: Advantages of Alloy wheels
As the metals used in alloy wheel rims are lighter than those in steel, this leads to increased
performance of your car. By reducing the weight of your car - handling, acceleration, and the brake
response of your car improves just by virtue of being lighter.
In addition, they reduce the un-sprung weight of your car, improving ride quality, reducing wear on
your car’s brake disks and even increasing fuel efficiency, so they can end up saving you money in
the long run.
Disadvantages of Alloy wheels
Alloy wheels are more brittle than steel, and so are prone to cracks. Once damaged, alloy wheels
become unsafe to use, and cannot be repaired. This, combined with the increased cost over regular
rims, means that alloy wheels can become costly if handled improperly.

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