Motorcycles are the most versatile machines on the planet. They can be affordable, which makes them good commuters. The small and compact size helps them cut through the traffic and if you are ready to spend a bit more they can be fast, fun and capable as well. However, there are certain accessories which, no matter the usage, you must have with you. Some of them will help you maintain your motorcycle while others will aid you in case of an emergency. Here are the top 5 accessories you must have if you own a motorcycle.


  1. Portable Air Inflator

Though most motorcycles now come with tubeless tyres, discovering your tyre is flat early in the morning when you are getting late for college or the office can still be frustrating. This is where portable air compressors come into play. Simply attach them to the tyre valve and fill air no matter where you are in minutes. They are the size of a larger power bank and can be easily carried in a backpack. And with a built-in tyre pressure display, it's easy to maintain pressures weekly as well. Also, a must-have if you go touring on your motorcycle.


  1. USB Charger

The need to charge a phone can creep up on you. Luckily if you have a motorcycle, you can now charge your smartphone on the move. These aftermarket USB chargers connect to the bike’s battery and have a built-in adaptor to regulate voltage. They also come with water-resistant casing which means you don't have to hide them in rainy seasons as well.


  1. Chain Cleaning Kit

Motorcycle chains remain exposed to the environment and hence gather a lot of dust and foreign particles. A basic chain cleaning kit will have a degreasing agent to loosen up the dirt, a brush to clean the chain and finally a chain lube to oil it up afterwards. Depending on where you live and ride, cleaning the chain once a month or once in two months is highly recommended.


  1. Helmet Bluetooth Device

These devices come with a Bluetooth module that attaches to the side of the helmet, speakers and a mic that is fitted inside the liner of the helmet. You can answer, reject calls, talk to your touring partners and listen to music on the go. These usually upwards of Rs 3000 and are compatible with most modern day helmets.


  1. Riding Gear

The last item on the list is the most important one. Motorcycle accidents are not kind and can leave you seriously injured, bruised or can even be fatal. But, preventing injuries in the event of a motorcycle accident is simpler than you think. Just wear the right riding gear. A good helmet will prevent head traumas, a padded riding jacket will protect torso and arm joints, riding pans will save hips and knees and riding boots will save toes and ankles. And with options increasing in the market, these have become affordable as well.