What is an Intelligent Tyre?

This is a brand new concept where the tyre is attached with sensors and cloud-based algorithms to communicate with Drivers/ Vehicle operators through an application. This gives out useful information about the tyre status like - temperature, tread wear, load and traction. This also provides a continuous stream of data sharing and ensures tyres remain in optimum condition, reducing downtime and maximising cost efficiency. Tyre performance and wear information provide a real-time signal for when a tyre needs service to extend its life, fuel economy and performance attributes.


  • Inflation Status
  • Tyre Performance
  • Tyre Wear
  • Potential Service Issue
  • Tread Indicator
  • Longevity of Tyres

This is the future of Tyres as there is an estimate that the intelligent tyres will grow from 0 units to 414 million units in the next decade. This also helps in assisting drivers in their spend on fuel every year, having tyres that are fuel efficient are of keen interest to passenger vehicles and that of any common public.

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